My Weekend in Photos

April is zooming by guys! I’m not complaining since it means the weather will just keep getting warmer, but man oh man! I can’t believe it’s almost May. And I truly think the crappy, terrible winter weather is gone. For. Good. (or at least for 6 months or so). Which means more time outside and more daylight for activities :) Zack is out of the country for work (gone for 2 months), and while I miss him like crazy I’m trying my best to keep myself busy and active. This weekend was the perfect example. Lots of family, friend and sunshine….and of course some good photos to share. Words are sometimes boring, so I’ve kept them to a minimum in this post. Continue reading

Marine Corps Marathon 17.75k: Race Recap

On Saturday morning, my alarm went off at an ungodly hour: 4:15 am. I almost didn’t get out of bed when my alarm started blaring, but I had a good reason: running the Marine Corps Marathon 17.75k. Since this is my first time running this race, I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited and anxious to get running! It is one tough race, but I expected nothing less than that from the Marines.

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Graze: Snacking Reinvented–A Review!

I feel like 2014 is the year of the subscription box! Every day I hear of a new line of monthly membership boxes…selling clothes, food, beauty products…and who knows what else?! I’ve done StitchFix a couple of times and really enjoyed that, but I always got sad when nothing worked and I ended up returning most or all of the box. I haven’t tried any of the boxes where you get to keep everything, but that all changed with Graze. It truly is snacking reinvented!


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Running Rambles

I know I haven’t been “gone” for that long, but I feel like I took a really long blogging break. I have been super busy and unfortunately blogging has taken a backseat. It has been a nice, well needed break though, so I’ll take it. I feel like you guys are my old friends and we haven’t talked to in awhile and I don’t even know where to start. So, I’ll start where it makes sense: running. (Also, no photos to offer here, so I’m throwing in random race shots from the RnR USA race 3 weeks ago… Continue reading

MIMM: Spring Has Sprung (ish)

Oh hey internet friends. Spring has sprung (ish)! I can’t even believe it’s finally here. I mean, what a terrible winter. Woof. But the good news is, it’s over and we have flowers, spring showers, sunshine and warmth to look forward to. At least for 1/2 of the weekend… Saturday’s weather was in the 60s, but Sundays was nasty. Rainy, windy and oh, snowy. By around 4:00 the heavy rain turned to heavy snow. Thankfully nothing stuck, but seriously?? Someone is playing a joke on us now… Despite the schizophrenic weather, I am happy that spring is here. Check out the weather for the next 3 days. Marvelous :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.29.23 PM

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Playing Hooky

Yesterday, I played hooky. (Don’t worry, my boss knew I was taking the day off—good girl full disclosure). It was the best decision ever. Sometimes you gotta have a little “me-time.” Taking a random day off in the middle of the week was perfection. I felt like I was indulging but there was not a speck of guilt. A couple weeks ago Megan invited me to go hiking on a random Wednesday since Brittany from BlissfulBritt was going to be in town. It’s a good thing I was in the stress box when she asked…nothing sounded better than a day off.  Continue reading

MIMM: Finally Getting it Together

Happy Marvelous Monday! I had quite the weekend! Nothing too crazy going on, but I finished my weekend feeling super accomplished. The last couple weeks have been fairly stressful for me, and I’m finally feeling like I’m out of the hole and able to chill. So, this weekend was VERY much appreciated. I got a lot done that I’d been putting off for quite some time and it felt good!

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If The Shoe Fits (You’re Really Freaking Lucky)

Happy Spring Equinox! SO happy to finally say it’s the first day of spring. Now we can finally “find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm.”

I know it’s not summer yet, but we are getting closer. Just like Olaf, sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine what it’ll be like when summer does come.

I’m popping in quickly to vent/ask for advice. As you may know, I have purchased 3 pairs of running shoes in the last 3 weeks. Terrible. I knew I was due for an upgrade, but when I went into the store 3 weeks ago I was told by the guy there that I’m basically a big dummy for wearing Mizuno Wave Sayonaras through distance training and distance racing. They just can’t hold up that much pressure! Poor shoes.

First purchase was the Adidas Energy Boosts.


There were returned due to a short toe box. I could feel (on both feet) that my toes were just way to close to the end of the shoe.

Pair numero due: Mizuno Wave Riders.


This is where my foot problem started happening. I was SO confident these were the lucky shoes. They are in the same Mizuno family that I know and love, but have more cushioning and support than the Sayonaras. The Riders are made for distance and mileage. But, during each of the 3 runs I went on (including my 1/2 marathon), my left foot would start to get numb/hurt around mile 3. The toes were in pain and the ball of the foot was screaming. This seems weird to me considering my left foot is slightly smaller than my right foot. So, I took these guys back to the store and exchanged them for my third pair.

Brooks Glycerins.


I haven’t had the chance to take these guys outside (due to the shitty snow and rain), but the two treadmill runs (which by the way, were awful) both resulted in the same pain in my left foot.

Basically, I have no clue what’s going on, but here are some theories I have:

1. My left foot magically grew and is now bigger than my right foot making my already massive size shoe, too small for my gargantuan left foot. Solution: Size 11. Bring on the clown shoes.

2. My soleus pain in my left leg has begun affecting my left foot. This is assuming that the two are somehow muscularly connected (or something like that…).

3. I need to try another pair of shoes…and keep trying until I find the perfect pair. Thank god for Pacers’ generous return policy. I have to keep going to different stores so no one hates me.

4. Something might actually be wrong with my left foot. I doubt this is the case since it came out of nowhere with the new shoes, but I might test this theory and go on a short run with my old Sayonaras.

So that’s that. I’m SUPER annoyed with all of this. Sure, I’m having pain in my left leg and my training hasn’t been going great this “season,” but I want to run. And when you are too cheap to pay for a gym, it’s hard to figure out what else to do. I’ve been paying for spin classes and I have yoga, but that’s starting to add up making me think about re-joining a gym.

Anywho…that’s what has been going on over here. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any light to shed on the situation?


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