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Oh post weekend depression. It’s hard enough for Monday to come along, but when you had a perfect weekend with your friends, it makes it close to impossible. This past weekend I went to Austin with my three bffs from college. We hadn’t all been together since graduation, which was over three years ago! It had been a well overdue vacation and I had been looking forward to it all summer.

With one of us in LA, two in NYC and one in DC, we wanted to find a place that was, for the most part, in the middle. None of us had been to Austin before and it seemed like the perfect choice. Despite the terrible weather (it was low 60s on Saturday! I thought Texas was supposed to be HOT!), we had an incredible weekend…

We got some swimming in thanks to some brief sunshine and warmth on Friday…


Hit up THE bbq spot in Austin: Franklin Barbecue…


This place is insane. We were told we would need to wait in line, which we did, but we ended up getting super lucky. Just as we arrived, around 2:00, the “sold out” sign was placed on the door.



The waitress told us they were on the tail end of everything and we would most likely only get some lean brisket. Hmmm. We decided to wait in the 45-minute line and just take whatever they had.




We sipped some beer, patiently waited until we got to the front of the line, and when it was finally our turn, we said, “hit us with your best shot. We’ll take it all.”


We were totally expecting a small plate and were beyond thrilled when we were delivered with this massive feast…



That’s brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey, sausage, with a side of potato salad, coleslaw and beans. WOOF. The four of us dug in to what was by far the best barbeque I have ever had.


After eating we got a chance to sneak in the HOT smoke room to see where the magic happens.



We rolled out of Franklin and wandered around downtown Austin before it poured for the rest of the day.

That night we went out to explore Rainey Street, a cute little area near the river. We checked out Banger’s Sausage house, but I was far too full from lunch to try any of there unique sausages (antelope?!). Dinner for me was a some pickles and a beer.

20140912_194436[I still managed to have an appetite for beer. Check out that selection]


We did get to see a good ole’ pig roast.


The night ended at this AWESOME bar called Container Bar. It’s basically a mini complex made up of shipping containers with both indoor and outdoor space. Each of the containers has it’s only little unique vibe/music playing. We found an unoccupied container playing 2000s hip hop and claimed it as our own little clubhouse.


Saturday we woke up to cold weather and rain. Not great. I definitely did not pack well for the trip and only had shorts and tank tops. Whoops. We grabbed brunch at a place nearby our hotel….complete with bloody marys of course :)


[Thank god I got my appetite back. Croque madame anyone?]

Then we head to South Congress (or SoCo as the cool kids call it) to do some shopping and wandering. It was about 60 degrees and raining all day, so we hopped in and out of stores, including a classic Texas boot shop.


SO many boots. Some ridiculously tacky and some super cute. They ranged from about $100 – over $1000+. Insane. I didn’t get anything, mostly because they all looked like clown shoes on my massive feet, but my friend Melissa walked away with an awesome pair.


One of our other friends from college lives in Austin and we were lucky to be able to meet up with her for the day. Since she’s a local, she took us to some areas we wouldn’t have been able to checkout on our own. Including a fun bar called Black Sheep Lodge.


I got a tasty Pecan Porter from 512 brewery, and the Bucket Head IPA from Thirsty Planet. Austin is definitely one of the best cities for beers and I was happy to be able to check out some great local options.


We continued tasting some brews back at the room while we got ready for dinner…


And then head to dinner at a place super cute place called Contigo


which was followed by a post-dinner game of washers…




Then, we made our way to 6th street to a speakeasy bar called Midnight Cowboy and then we topped the night off with some dancing at a bar called Maggie Mae’s down on 6th street. Sadly Austin has the same lame rules as DC and the bars all close down around 2. I’m pretty sure I could’ve stayed out all night with those girls.



Sunday was pretty chill, starting with tasty brunch at La Condesa followed by a walk around the University of Texas campus.





By around 3, we made our way to the airport to get on our respective flights. Hardest part of the whole vacation. The weekend came and went quickly and I was so sad to have to say bye to my friends, but we’re all motivated to plan the next trip!

Overall, I loved Austin. It was a bit hard to get around, and I can see why having a car would be so necessary. I feel like I’ll need to go back and explore more of the city and hopefully get a bit luckier with the weather.

Have you ever been to Austin?

Favorite cut of bbq?

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