Wanderlust Wednesday: Language Barriers

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How’s this for Wanderlust Wednesday? I woke up bright and early this morning for an early morning flight to Colorado! We’re going to Colorado Springs, Denver & Vail. I’ve never been before and I cannot wait to spend a week there with my family. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve taken a vacation longer than a couple days, so I’m looking forward to the break!

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Headphone Headache

Guys, I am just about ready to give up on headphones. I’m getting a massive  I have gone through about 10000 pairs of headphones since I started running about 6 years ago. In the last year, I have purchased almost 10 pairs. It is truly insane. I’ve stuck to the same brand and style for a long time (X-1 Women’s Momentum Ultra-light Headphones), but they just do not last. Every three months, something happens and they stop working properly and I just go back and spend another $30 – 40 on another pair. When they work, I love them. But it’s always a short lived love. It is truly the biggest headache I have when it comes to running.20140730_182239

[a small collection of headphones...most dead]

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Weekly Workout Recap 3: Racing News + Catching Up on Life

Oh heyyy. Can you believe July is almost over?? I’m already beginning to panic about the winter…and it’s still a few months away. In an effort to embrace everything that is summer, I need to become more aggressive about being outside, eating all the summer fruit and veggies and soaking in as much warmth as possible. [WARNING: long, random, post ahead...] Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Ireland Recap

wanderlust wednesday3

Well I’m back from Ireland! Errr I guess I’ve been back for awhile now… but oh well. Here’s my recap of my trip to Ireland, better late than never! I spent five quick but awesome days traveling around the beautiful Emerald Isle. The trip was an inspection trip for a program my company will be operating in 2015 that will be focused on prehistoric Ireland. We tested out the itinerary and checked out hotels to be sure all the logistics are in order for when our groups start going there. Definitely not a bad gig to have. In 5 days, I drove around western Ireland with over 1,000 photos documenting the journey (don’t worry, I’m only showing you a fraction of those). It’s been FOREVER since my last Wanderlust Wednesday (so embarrassed) and I feel like a nice little recap of my trip is a good way to (try) and bring it back!

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BRB: Ireland Bound!



I gotta start off by saying thank you all SO much for your advice on my last post. I was driving myself crazy with this marathon and it helped to gain some clarity. I’ve officially decided (again) to NOT run the Marine Corps Marathon. I’m choosing a summer of fun and will focus on speed and strength in my running. If you know of anyone looking for a bib, let me know! I need to get rid of mine!

I have some great posts I’m planning for the blog, but for now, I’m going off the grid. Tonight I’m heading to Ireland! Continue reading