Stranded on a Deserted Island–with Man Crates

You know that game where you have to list what you would bring if you were deserted on a stranded island? Well, I was contacted by a pretty freaking sweet company called Man Crates, to talk about my deserted island essentials. I figured this would be a nice spin on Wanderlust Wednesday! Continue reading

Thoughts on Blogging…

Ok so I wanted to throw out some thoughts on blogging. Half of me feels like I have SO much to share in this little space, but then the other part of me is so involved in life that the last thing I want to do is blog. You know the whole line: life is getting in the way of ______. Personally, I think that’s bullshit. Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Ireland Recap

wanderlust wednesday3

Well I’m back from Ireland! Errr I guess I’ve been back for awhile now… but oh well. Here’s my recap of my trip to Ireland, better late than never! I spent five quick but awesome days traveling around the beautiful Emerald Isle. The trip was an inspection trip for a program my company will be operating in 2015 that will be focused on prehistoric Ireland. We tested out the itinerary and checked out hotels to be sure all the logistics are in order for when our groups start going there. Definitely not a bad gig to have. In 5 days, I drove around western Ireland with over 1,000 photos documenting the journey (don’t worry, I’m only showing you a fraction of those). It’s been FOREVER since my last Wanderlust Wednesday (so embarrassed) and I feel like a nice little recap of my trip is a good way to (try) and bring it back!

It’s a long one…but full of photos… Continue reading

BRB: Ireland Bound!



I gotta start off by saying thank you all SO much for your advice on my last post. I was driving myself crazy with this marathon and it helped to gain some clarity. I’ve officially decided (again) to NOT run the Marine Corps Marathon. I’m choosing a summer of fun and will focus on speed and strength in my running. If you know of anyone looking for a bib, let me know! I need to get rid of mine!

I have some great posts I’m planning for the blog, but for now, I’m going off the grid. Tonight I’m heading to Ireland! Continue reading

Weekly Workout Recap I

Ok guys, I’m going to get back on the train of sharing my weekly workouts… this is a healthy living blog after all… I’m not training for anything, and I don’t really know how much any one really cares about how many miles I’m running, but, it’s useful for me and helps me stay accountable. I’m moving a bit away from constant running and incorporating more cross training, so it’s good for me to keep track of how I’m feeling and how my body is reacting to new workouts!

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Weekend in Photos VII: Summer Solstice


Another awesome weekend in the books! I spent the weekend out in West Virginia with 9 other Colgate peeps. My friend found an amazing house to rent from Air BnB and reserved it months ago for the Summer Solstice weekend. I took Friday off, got in a nice run, and then around 5:30, we jumped in the car and made our way out to West Virginia.

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Weekend in Photos VI: Anti-City Living


Sometimes it is SO nice to just escape and get out of the city. I love Washington, DC and all its lively vibrancy, but there are definitely times where I need to get out and enjoy peace, quite and beautiful scenes. Thankfully, Zack and I have a quick escape to his house out in Maryland. Since he just returned from being overseas for 2 months, we thought it would be a good time to get out of DC and head out to the country. Here are the highlights from our anti-city living… Continue reading

Happy Blogiversary to Life’s Philosophie!


Happy Blogiversary to Life’s Philosophie! Wooo! I cannot believe it’s been a year since I took the plunge and started a blog. The entire experience of blogging has been incredible. Thinking back to why I first started blogging, I feel like a winner. Apart from wanting a creative space to “work,” I was looking for a way to connect to fellow runners, beer drinkers and cheese eaters. One year later, I have made amazing connections with some incredible people, and I couldn’t be happier where this blog has taken me. Continue reading